Tuesday, February 11, 2014

'Bogaman' (Celtic word form Bowman)

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  1. Top photo is a hickory bow with beaver quiver and arrows with stone points. I made these several years ago. The bow is a replica of the bows used by native americans on the west coast.

    Second from the top photo was taken at 'Mojam', a gathering that takes place in Missouri for those of us that like to make primitive archery things,

    Third photo is of a bow I made for a contest at the 'Mojam' event, It is a 'hatchet bow', That is, it has to be built with nothing but a hatchet. I won the event one year with this bow. Not to pretty but very effective. I think it had a 60 lb. pull when I checked it after the event. Plenty strong enough to take down large game.

    The bottom photo is a picture of me working on a bow using an old time shaving horse I built. I had a tent set up at the 'Folk life festival' at Florida, Missouri one year.